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Many people have missing teeth. Although the reason for the missing tooth may not have been avoidable, living with the empty space can be. Just like a bridge spanning a body of water with an anchor on each end, dental bridges span the empty with a custom designed tooth made in between. The porcelain bridge is very strong and durable and most can be fixed in place so you don't need to worry about taking it out.

When Dr. Bartolome and Dr. Swearingen initially examines your teeth and determines that a porcelain bridge is the appropriate procedure for your needs, they will take a mold, or impression, of the area. This mold will be sent to the dental lab and a porcelain bridge will be custom designed for you. Strong dental cement is used to fix your new porcelain bridge to the adjacent teeth. In addition to giving you back your stunning smile, the surrounding teeth will also be fortified.

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