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Our State-of-the-Art Technology

To support our wide range of services offered, Dr. Bartolome and Dr. Swearingen have a sophisticated audio/visual system. This includes an intra-oral camera to show you in living color on a large screen TV monitor what conditions exist in your mouth.

He has an educational system that can be used to answer any questions you may have regarding almost any area of dentistry. With quality graphics and concise, articulate explanations, all of your questions and concerns are quickly resolved.

In addition, Dr. Swearingen has one of the best imaging systems on the market. He can easily photograph you with a digital camera and have your picture quickly on a TV monitor. From there, you can see a new smile created right before your eyes. You can even take home a photographic quality print of your "before" and "after" smile. This is of great help in assisting you, the patient, in making a decision about how you'd like your smile to look.

Furthermore, Dr. Swearingen works closely with a wide range of quality dental specialists and top-quality laboratories to ensure that his patients receive the best that dentistry has to offer.



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